Hello Loyal LL2RNR Reader,

Okay, so here’s the bad news. No new letter this week. Why, you might ask? Well to put it simply it’s because you didn’t write one.

Here’s the good news. You can write a letter. Yes, it’s true. Little old you.

Save your excuses because all of them can be refuted.

Too busy: Unless you’re a neurosurgeon or a stockbroker this “too busy” mumbo jumbo won’t fly. It takes an hour to write a letter, maybe less if your juices are really flowing and/or you’ve already started writing the letter in your head. Then you can allot maybe 30 minutes (max) for reviewing/revising it. That’s 1.5 hours in total (max). That’s also 1.5 hours well spent.

Too scared: If you begin the process of writing a letter you may find that all kinds of feelings come up and then you might start to feel scared. That’s okay. That’s a good thing. Feelings exist for humans. Don’t repress, express!

Too capitalistic: Oh, so you want to be paid for your letter do you? When was the last time you wrote a letter? Try it again and see how good it feels. Letters are fun! Some might even say they are better than PM’s or texts or even the now old-fashioned email. Why? Because it takes time and effort to write them. Let the process of giving yourself time to craft something, and putting forth effort to write about something you care about, be your reward. Money is an illusion, don’t let it enslave you. Don’t just be a consumer, be a contributor!

At a loss for an idea: Do you realize that this blog is the key to a portal of limitless possible topics connected to music? Here are some topics that no one has yet to address (and could/should):

  • A beloved mix tape/CD/Playlist
  • A beloved piece of music equipment
  • A previously (or currently) owned stereo, boom box, record player, Walkman etc. etc.
  • A show/performance that moved you
  • A venue that you love (maybe it is still around, maybe it’s gone, maybe it’s morphed into something else)
  • A sound snippet in a song
  • An article written about music by someone else
  • A music researcher/research study focused on music
  • A jukebox
  • A person who first exposed you to (fill in the blank with something music related)

Are you getting the picture? Music fervor offers limitless possibilities.

You can do this! Seriously! We know you’ve clicked on the Submissions tab because WordPress gives us daily statistics (looking squarely at you people in the UK, US, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Netherlands, Germany, Costa Rica, India, Mexico etc.).

Be brave! Be obsessive! If you’re nervous you can remain anonymous. Write a love letter to Prince’s motorcycle in “Purple Rain.” Write a letter to the animatronic band from Chuck E. Cheese’s or the lesser known Show Biz Pizza Place. Write a letter to Bryan Adams and talk about how that song “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” makes you feel like you are smack dab in the middle of a junior high dance every single time you hear it. The sky’s the limit here people! Transcendence is only a few short key strokes away.

Patiently waiting for your submissions,


The Jacks: Why Don’t You Write Me

The Shangri-Las: Train From Kansas City

The Box Tops: The Letter

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