Our writer’s (Early) Summer Crushes Part II

A continuation of last week’s post.

Things we’re crushing on at the start of summer 2017.




Donna Summer – Romeo (Live) – This performance must be part of the argument for why Donna Summer is in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame.  Holy shit!  Wait for it to kick in after the malt shop intro.  Hopefully this backing band was at least invited to the Rn’R Hall of Fame dinner…


I used to think that Iggy Pop was gaming David Bowie.  I’m beginning to accept that it was likely the other way around. 


Released in 1987. You could release this song today and it would make 40 year old men with Trans Am CD collections wet across the globe.


Midnight Oil – Read About It – Live 1985 – So, Peter Garrett is basically an Australian Freddie Mercury fueled by social justice!  Resist!


Sometimes life is tough.  Sometimes we find ourselves alone and heading into battle with only one song to spark a sense of hope and reassurance.  For me, this has been one of those songs in recent months.


Dan B

  1. Music for the Boys-The Suburbs

2. Them Changes-Thundercat

3. Candy-O-The Cars

4. Girl U Want-(Devo cover) by Soundgarden

5. Rockit-Herbie Hancock

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