Honoring Hal

This week we lost someone who we all know (even if you don’t know that you knew him).

He is playing in the restaurant, the coffee shop, the grocery store, the gas station, the dentist’s office, the doctor’s office, on Spotify, AM/FM radio, your phone, your laptop, your turntable, your parents “Hi-Fi,” the jukebox…..EVERYWHERE.

You may not have known his name, but you knew his drumming.

His name was Hal Blaine and he will live on wherever music is played.

He is truly inescapable (and simultaneously sub-famous).

His hard work and content is literally woven into the fabric of anyone’s life who has ever been in a public place where music was playing.

To celebrate his accomplishments and life, we present to you a list of 10 songs that feature his signature beat.

In no particular order:

1. “You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth”-Meatloaf

2. “Continental Shelf”-Viet Cong

3. “Xanadu”-Olivia Newton-John

4. “Every Time the Sun Comes Up”-Sharon Van Etten

5. “Eighties Fan”-Camera Obscura

6. “Brickfield Nights”-The Boys

7. “Face to Face”-The Flashcubes

8. “Electric Boots”-Slumber Party

9. “Just Really Wanna See You”-Shudder to Think

10. “7-11”-The Ramones

Please Explore & Enjoy!

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