Best Search Terms from 2016

First things first, this blog relies on people willing to spill their hearts and guts into letters (that are then posted on the internet).

That being said, if you are reading this post right now you should seriously be considering writing a letter or a Flashback Fives (a.k.a. FF). Go. to. Submissions!

In the meantime, while you begin crafting said letters or FF, here is a list of our favorite search terms people used to find our blog (interestingly enough, WordPress gives blog owners access to such fascinating information).

See if you can figure out which letter or post matches to the search term. It’s fun!

2016 Search Terms

“tall blonde singer with john prine”

“damon albarn + sneering”

“letter to a friend for green day”

“broken heart letter”

“naught love letter”

“hard nails by vj jingo”

“so many people in uk with droopy eyes paul mccartney”

and last, but not least

l doo wop my hope this summer girl our love your ring on my chain”

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