Mission Statement

Love Letters to Rock n’ Roll* has one main objective, to provide a forum where music obsessives can openly express their love. God, there are so many music journalists these days! So many album reviews of bands you have heard of and have never heard of and who you might listen to and you might forget to listen to and who you might listen to and then forget that you did listen to. We don’t need any more reviewers or reviews. Lester Bangs perfected that art years ago and now he is probably rolling over in his grave in one continuous never ending rotation of disgust for the current state of music journalism. Isn’t the entire point of music, of art, to create a reaction? Perhaps an emotional reaction? Let’s celebrate those emotional reactions on this forum!

Love Letters to Rock n’ Roll is a place where you can gush eloquently, or not so eloquently, about a band, a songwriter, a producer, a studio, a contributing artist/musician, an album, an A side, a B side, an instrument, a piece of equipment, a venue, a particular show, a lyric, a snippet from a song, ANYTHING connected to music that has caused a positive reaction in you. This is the place to write what you wanted to say to that band after their show but never had the guts (or the opportunity) to do so. This is not a venue which requires you to temper your communication. Go nuts! Open up your heart and let it gush out into one tiny fragment of the oceanic internet. Those who feel called may submit their letters for consideration to loveletters2rocknroll@gmail.com. Please keep your gushings in a coherent letter format or, in the style of a Flashback Five (see blog for examples).

*Please know that the term “Rock n’ Roll” is used loosely to define any/all music, or music related situations, that cause a listener to become obsessive enough to want to write about and share their experience. Submissions need not all be focused on Little Richard, Chuck Berry, or Buddy Holly as that would be too limiting.

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